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Blue Jalappeno Percentage Off Tiered Pricing


Blue Jalappeno Percentage Off Tiered Pricing extension is a simple solution for managing tiered pricing and bulk discounts in your Magento store. With Percentage Off Tiered Pricing you can set tier prices as a percentage discount, the actual tier price is calucated when the customer views the product. This means price changes, customer group pricing or special pricing is all reflected in the tier price automatically.

The Requirements

A retail store owner has a candy store and wishes to offer 20% discount on certain products when you purchase more than 10 of an item.

The retailer wants

- The bulk discount to be reflected off the final price for both retail and wholesale customers

- Any future price changes are automatically reflected in the tier price i.e. the bulk discount is always 20% off

The Solution

The retailer uses Percentage Off Tiered Pricing to create a tier price for quantities greater than 10 and a percentage discount of 20%.

- Once created, any price changes in the future are reflected in this % discount

- Special pricing e.g. seasonal discounts are not further discounted on this tier price (i.e. the original price is used to calculate the tier price, not the discounted price)

- If you have Customer Group pricing, this price is used to calculate the tier price

Login Details

You can use the following customer details for this demo:

username: demo

password: password1234

You can access the admin panel to view and create tier pricing using percentage discounts.

Further Information

Thank you for taking the time to look at a Blue Jalappeno demo of Percentage Off Tiered Pricing. If you have any questions please contact Blue Jalappeno via email

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