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WebShopApps Dropship

The WebShopApps Dropship extension makes the complex task of shipping products from multiple locations with multiple carriers simple.

The Requirements

A retailer sells a variety of goods, some of which he does not keep in stock, but instead transfers customers' orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer which is otherwise known as drop shipping.

The retailer ships chairs from a New York warehouse, beds from a Washington warehouse and mobile phones from a California warehouse. All other items are shipped from his own warehouse in Florida. These products ship with different carriers as listed in the table below. The retailer needs an extension to manage these locations and carriers in his Magento store.

 Warehouse      Zipcode      Product Type              Carriers                     
 New York  10016  CHAIRS  UPS
 Washington  98611
 California  94171  MOBILE PHONES  FLAT RATE - FIXED


The Solution

The retailer uses the Dropship extension to:

1. Create separate warehouses for New York, Washington, California and Florida.

2. Assign products to the warehouse they ship from in the product listing.

3. Set his Florida warehouse as the default for all items that don't ship from the other warehouses.

4. Set up different shipping carriers for each location.

Login Details

Use the following customer details to log in to this demo's frontend: / password

You can access the admin panel to view the extension configuration settings with the following credentials:

guest / password27258

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